Early Childhood Aide (Service)

Company Name:
Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency
The Early Childhood Aide position assists in the delivery of pre-school programs by communicating concerns to the supervising teacher and performing a variety of assigned duties. Based on the activities assigned, employees may work with children in the classroom, may prepare and serve food, may ride the bus assuring safety procedures are followed, and may be responsible for the general cleaning of classrooms and rest rooms.
Lunch Aide Specific Duties:
Prepare food to be served in family style format;
Help classroom staff at lunch tables as an active participant with children;
Follow sanitary practices in handling food according to licensing standards;
Pick up and deliver food as needed;
Conduct inventory if necessary;
Clean up as needed;
May have to carry food carriers, which may be empty or full of food, into and out of classroom.

Education and Experience:
High school diploma or GED and 1 year experience in caring for young children preferred.
Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:
There are no certifications required for Lunch Aides or Janitorial Aides. Classroom Aides, Special Needs Aides, and Bus Aides must have current First Aid and CPR Certifications or be able to obtain the certifications within the first year of employment and maintain renewal thereafter.
Working approximately 16 hours weekly at a wage of $8.15 hourly.
Applications will be accepted through January 26, 2015 at 4:30 pm.

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