Registered Respiratory Therapist

The Respiratory Therapist assigned to the Home Respiratory Therapy Clinic (HRTC) is responsible for providing basic and advanced Respiratory services to adults and geriatric patients at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center.
However it is necessary for the therapist to be knowledgeable regarding the basic treatment of all age groups.
The Therapist plans, implements, and evaluates the effectiveness of respiratory care procedures and must be able to operate a variety of equipment including; continuous positive pressure devices (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)/Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP)), home sleep testing units, pulse oximeters, oxygen analyzers and conserving devices.
The incumbent must possess a valid state driver's license.
The duties of the Registered Respiratory Therapist include, but are not limited to:
o The Therapist will review, collect and evaluate relevant clinical data from the medical record, care team, patient and patient's family to ensure appropriate care as indicated.
Using their clinical expertise and in collaboration with the Provider, the Therapist will make recommendations/adjustments to therapy as appropriate to promote optimal treatment/compliance.
o The Therapist will be capable of performing therapeutic and diagnostic procedures for adults and geriatric patients.
Various techniques will include interpretation of clinical data such as sleep studies, CPAP compliance reports, oxygen assessment data, CPAP set-up, oxygen tank set-up, use of a conserving device etc.
o The Therapist will apply clinical expertise in such a manner as to benefit patient care and assist the Provider in formulating an appropriate Home Respiratory Care Plan based upon patient assessment, history, oxygen assessment, data review and standard protocols.
o The Therapist will communicate changes in the Home Respiratory Care Plan, patient status and recommendations for improvement to health care team members based upon patient observation, discussion and diagnostic test values.
Work Schedule:
00 AM to 4:
30 PM (Monday through Friday)Functional Statement Title/#:
Registered Respiratory Therapist Home Respiratory Therapy Clinic (HRTC) GS-0601-07/08

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